Air Conditioning & Heater

We repair air conditioning systems, furnaces, as well as ducts and boilers, throughout Kansas City! Contact us now!

Maintenance & Repair

A broken down air conditioner can leave your home miserable and uninhabitable, especially in the middle of a hot and humid Kansas City summer. Our friendly technicians will diagnose your system and get it back on line as affordably and as cost effective as possible.

If your furnace quits when you need it the most, our competent and helpful technicians will get you system up and running in short order. Your health and well being is paramount to us. We always check for unsafe conditions and that is why you can count on All Seasons heating and cooling when you need us most.

Ask us about our Pre-Season and Planned Maintenance Programs

Heating & Air Conditioning Installation

We install equipment with efficiencies ranging from 80% to 98% for furnaces and 13 SEER to 25 SEER for air conditioners and up to 22 SEER for air-to-air heat pumps. Ground-Source heat pumps exceed even these efficiencies. Mini-Splits are also available as a high efficient option.

Our installations go beyond just replacing what was there. We consider the heating and cooling load of each house and take into consideration the existing duct system as well. We also have a full sheet metal shop to fabricate any duct that may be needed. Our installations are said to be among the best.

Our installations includes:

  • American Standard
  • Carrier
  • Lennox
  • and other Brands of equipments throughout the Kansas City Metro area