The environmentally conscious organization is dedicated to their team members. Earlier this spring, 4 Eco Services shared news of major investments in employee training and benefits, such as a new training facility and audio and visual equipment. Now, the organization unveils new initiatives which aim to further increase employee retention and satisfaction.

“It is a well-known fact that happy employees produce happy customers and great service,” notes Ian Williams, 4 Eco Services General Manager.

Williams continues, “The main reason for our excellent customer service and great reviews is that we genuinely have happy employees who care about their careers.”

4 Eco Services highlights employee benefits such as:

  • Ongoing industry leading training on all job functions
  • Competitive benefits package including a company contributed 401k plan
  • Tool and tuition purchase plans
  • Flexible time off for family functions and paid time off for vacation as well as sick days
  • Individual assessments for each individual team member to assess strengths, weaknesses and proper action plans for employee growth

Jeremy Prevost, CEO of 4 Eco Services added: “Our largest investment is employee training and retention, it is paramount that we keep an open door and work with each associate to add value and better their lives.”